Weaponizing Art + Culture: Organizing with Artists, Arting with Organizers, and Cultural Organizing for Black Liberation

This workshop will be a collaboratively taught, interactive crash course in the ways that DC-based artists, cultural organizers and organizing collectives, including Black Lives Matter DC, strategically create and use art in our campaigns and organizing work for black liberation. Artist participants will gain insight into ways that they can directly support organizers in the communities they are living and working within. Organizer participants will gain insight into ways they can strategically use art to advance the goals of their campaigns. Cultural organizers will develop relationships with others working in their field while reflecting on the ways that we contextualize our work. Everyone will leave with ideas of how to collaboratively use art to advance organizing campaigns.


Omolara Williams McCallister is an Atlanta bred artist, cultural organizer and educator who has been living and working in Washington DC for the past 5 years. Her work is created through a collaborative, community based practice designed to examine the practices of constructing and navigating identity, memory, and narrative in physical and psychological spaces while also supporting participants in building the skills, knowledge base, relationships and confidence necessary to lead their transform their own communities.


With Tanya Bernard
Artist; Activist; Arts and Culture Director for Black Lives Matter




Omolara Williams

Omolara Williams McCallister

Artist; Activist; Co-founder of #BlackLivesMatter DMV

Washington DC, USA