What is the State of Gender Equality Within the Arts?

It’s 2016. We’re the closest we’ve ever been to a female president. Terms like “lean-in” are in our vernacular. Initiatives to encourage women in politics, engineering, and corporate leadership are gaining national attention. But in all this excitement and publicity, do widespread policy changes positively affect women in the arts?


Geared toward arts administrators and artists alike, Hamiltonian and ArtTable DC will facilitate a discussion focused on how women working in the arts experience, confront, and resolve gender issues in their fields. Whether issues manifest through policy challenges, generational roadblocks or direct discriminatory behavior, we will share experiences and discuss how various types of environments and models affect women’s artistic career paths. The outcome of the discussion will serve to develop discussion questions for ArtTable DC’s third “State of Art DC” event the following weekend at the National Museum of Women in the Arts.


This session is hosted by Hamiltonian Artists & ArtTable DC and is led by Nicole Dowd, Program Manager at Hamiltonian Artists.