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Raising the Underground

The Dupont Underground is a non-profit cultural organization committed to developing a multi-disciplinary platform for creative expression in the visual and environmental arts. Representatives of the Dupont Underground will discuss their organization’s experience creating a successful international design competition and exhibition through crowdfunding, volunteerism, and social media. The Re-ball! design competition’s build-out process was an exercise in community engagement–taking one-thousand volunteers more than three-thousand worker-hours to execute– while the resulting installation challenged visitors to create their own structures and environments through creative collaboration.


This session can be done onsite at the Dupont Underground, provided it is limited to 45 participants. Due to occupancy restrictions in the Dupont Underground, all participants will need to sign a Liability Release waiver before entering the space.


Craig Cook is an architect and founder of Archotus, a creative think-tank based in Washington DC that designs, curates, and advises across the disciplines of art, architecture and urbanism.


Philippa Hughes is creator of the Pink Line Project, an arts portal designed to inspire creative thinking, build community, and open doors to art and culture for the culturally curious.


Julian Hunt is an architect and writer, the founder of the Dupont Underground, and the co-founding principal of Hunt Laudi Studio, a DC–based practice dedicated to improving the public realm through design.


David Ross is co-founder of The MaDCap Project, a piece of experimental and timeless radio. He is responsible for Dupont Underground’s musical performance production.




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Julian Hunt, Founder

Craig Cook, Director of Arts Programming

Philippa Hughes, Board of Directors

David Ross, Board of Directors