On the Same Page UNITED: Poetry readings with Free Minds Poet Ambassadors

“On the Same Page UNITED” is a project of Free Minds Book Club & Writing Workshop that uses poetry to forge understanding and connection between incarcerated youths and the outside community. Free Minds works with DC’s youth incarcerated as adults; because DC does not have its own prison, the majority serve their sentences in federal prisons in other states, where written correspondence is their only lifeline to the DC community. “On the Same Page UNITED” works to provide these youths with the encouragement and motivation they need to continue writing and pursuing education, break down stereotypes, and build community.


Tara Libert is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Free Minds Book Club & Writing Workshop, a nonprofit organization that uses books, creative writing, and peer support to empower DC youth incarcerated as adults.




Tara Libert

Co-Founder and Executive Director; Free Minds Book Club & Writing Workshop

Washington DC, USA