How to Listen to Survivors Stories with FORCE and Gather Together

Why is art important to ending rape culture? What role should survivors own stories have in upsetting rape culture? After a discussion and training about how to listen to and witness survivor’s stories, members of Gather Together will perform their own stories in prose, poetry and performance to demonstrate the range of experiences that comprise our survivor narratives.


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Saida Agostini

Social worker; Poet; Survivor, Director of Community Engagement and Youth Policy for FreeState Legal

Baltimore, USA


Melani Douglass

Performance Artist; Founder and Curator of Engagement at the The Family Arts Museum

Baltimore, USA


Ama Chandra

Lead vocalist for “The Fruition Experience”

Baltimore, USA


Rachael London

Artist; Designer; Producer, Youth Programmer at the International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Baltimore, USA


Rebecca Nagle

Artist; Organizer; Co-director and co-founder of Force: Upsetting Rape Culture

Baltimore, USA