Field Trip




Explore 23rd Century U Street with Future Cartographic Society

Join D.C. artist Erik Moe and Future Cartographic Society in a workshop/walk that is part history lesson, part meditation, part utopian vision. Future Cartographic Society uses walking expeditions, speculative fiction, and maps to instill a “long now” view of D.C. neighborhoods. This is a D.C. where the streets are simultaneously built by pro-slavery, segregationist ideologies, and also transformed by activism and radical inclusion to become a utopian landscape over the next 200 years. Picturing this distant utopia on our own familiar street grid, we begin to ask how much change we can demand in our own lifetimes and what we wish for those who will inherit this place that we currently treasure.


Erik Moe is a DC-based interdisciplinary artist with a background in labor and economic justice. His ongoing project Future Cartographic Society uses walks, speculative fiction, maps and illustrations to portray future utopias at neighborhood scale. Oral Histories / Oral Futures, a chapbook of U Street stories and maps set in the 20th and 23rd Centuries has just been released.




Erik Moe

Erik Moe

Artist; Writer; Cartographer

Washington DC, USA