After the Debates: Utopian Clothing Reflection and Construction Workshop

This workshop is presented by artist Gluklya and curator Anna Bitkina, following their performance Debates on Division: When Private Becomes Public. For Occupy the Future, Gluklya invited participants to contribute personal stories along with garments that illustrate struggles with systems of power. Gluklya weaves together these individual narratives and physical mementos of conflict into a script that blurs the lines of fact and fiction, public and private. Project initiators would like to collect personal stories to gain a deeper insight into American society – examining it from various of personal perspective in order to include in into the performance narrative.


In the workshop, participants will construct their own fictional narrative to address typical symptoms of american society, using real stories and garments submitted to the open call as their references.






Artist; Researcher; Founder of Utopian Clothes Museum

St. Petersburg, Russia / Amsterdam, the Netherlands